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BBW Pussy LickingExplore my sweet petals3/27/2016  3  
Carnal MovementFor my Hot One....Missing You....3/14/2016  3  
Lancaster BisexualsMan in panties2/17/2016  0  
Men in womens Pantiesyesterday at my dietian seeing up her skirt2/2/2016  2  
Daddy's Girls! (AGE Friendly)Posting to see BeerGirlChrissy1/7/2016  1  
Idaho Swingers R Us.Part 1 Of 2. 10 Things To Do Naked.11/16/2015  7  
Cuckold Couples Studs & FemsAsking Advice11/12/2015  2  
2 Taboo for Youfirst sexual encounter with a family member11/7/2015  2  
BBC GangBang/Buk Fantasy HouseOrgasmic Encounters.11/6/2015  0  
Taboo FamilyAunt Marie and Uncle Jessie, new apt.7/28/2015  0  
crossdressers looking for menpanty paddling needed and deserved7/20/2015  1  
Open Family FantasiesAunt Marie and Uncle Jessie, new apt...7/15/2015  2  
Diversi-'T's. I have dreams of being a lesbian6/12/2015  8  
Diversi-'T'sWhat style panties do you love?6/2/2015  10  
Diversi-'T'sWhat style panties do you love?6/2/2015  8  
Edmonton Real PeopleWhat do other ladies find more appealing ? Hairy chest or silky smooth?5/14/2015  1  
White Women for Black Guys85% Dark Chocolate Seeking some White Chocolate4/17/2015  0  
Diversi-'T'sbest way to get smooth legs4/8/2015  16  
KW Fun Clubmultiple orgasms3/14/2015  0  
2 Taboo for YouMy Next Experience2/4/2015  6  
Erotic StoriesBreaking down in the woods.12/25/2014  0  
Black and White M-M ActionI find a black cock the perfect sexual tool for the following reasons.....12/18/2014  2  
erotic storylandA wet run and a new friend12/8/2014  0  
Insert Name HereLingerie Secrets11/26/2014  5  
Cloud NineThere's a Difference (part two)11/20/2014  2  
men in panties ?panties and silky sheer shiny pantyhose lover!!!11/17/2014  0  
Nude Beach North of WinnipegMy Exhibitionist Beach Fantasy9/10/2014  1  
Naughty tgirlsIts hard work being naughty...8/28/2014  3  
public gropers + pussy loversa night on the town7/29/2014  0  
Who needs underwear anyway?Day six of my no panty streak7/26/2014  2  
Panty Wetterspanty wetting6/23/2014  0  
West Bengal Sex-Direct ContactCALL ME6/7/2014  0  
UK FoneSexWanking with Hot UK Guys - I'm from So CA5/6/2014  0  
Colo Spgs Social 2From my Blog4/23/2014  0  
Transgendered DommesSpanking is SO Underrated3/25/2014  2  
2 Taboo for Youcontrolled through silky knickers3/19/2014  2  
2 Taboo for YouSunday morning, fantasy2/15/2014  3  
love to watch the wife screwAnother Strange Cock For My Wife2/4/2014  5  
FUCK MY WIFE and let me watchOur Most Recent MFM2/4/2014  14  
Naughty tgirlsThe Day We Met A Hermaphrodite2/3/2014  0  
Submissive AdventuresGang Banged2/3/2014  0  
Girls who want older GentsSchool Girl Fantasy2/3/2014  0  
HNW BloggersFood Play2/3/2014  0  
Lets have fun in Montreal !!!Season's Greetings 201312/24/2013  4  
2 Taboo for YouMy Sister and her son 3 (fantasy)12/23/2013  5  
EXPRESSION UNLIMITEDThinking about fucking my Mom (actually step-mom) What do you think?12/15/2013  1  
Roleplay Anything tabooThinking about fucking my mom.12/12/2013  9  
2 Taboo for YouSister Story 3 (Fantasy)12/8/2013  5  
2 Taboo for YouSister story12/2/2013  4  
Men in womens Pantiesslippery11/8/2013  1  
2 Taboo for YouMy Bi Fantasy9/24/2013  3  
Y'all know this is a sex siteAnother lousy joke for Y'all8/27/2013  1  
The Dragons' LairAnother lousy joke8/27/2013  0  
Summit Street Newspantyhose fetish?7/23/2013  2  
Idaho Swingers R Us.Part 1 of 2. Twenty Things To Do Naked.7/16/2013  4  
FUCK ME HARDERNo Hands Massage6/18/2013  1  
Daddy's Girls! (AGE Friendly)Princess' package5/29/2013  4  
Columbia,SCErotic Story - The Beach - Tell me what you think5/13/2013  0  
Friends with BenefitsHi - Can I post my personally written erotica here for your viewing pleasure?5/13/2013  0  
Discret Gang Bang Fun in kySoon travel squad 4 hot woman London Ky4/28/2013  14  
Paradise InfernoSHAVE and PLAY4/24/2013  7  
"Beyond Caligula"Memories of4/13/2013  13  
masturbating in pantiesFriday off4/5/2013  0  
masturbating in pantiesHappy Easter everyone3/31/2013  0  
men in panties ?Panties or more3/30/2013  3  
masturbating in pantiesMorning wood in sillky panties.3/21/2013  0  
Realm of Rope and Rough PlayDungeon Delights - Part 13/16/2013  0  
Realm of Rope and Rough PlayDungeon Delights - Part 33/16/2013  0  
Realm of Rope and Rough PlayDungeon Delights - Part 53/16/2013  0  
Realm of Rope and Rough Play of a Willing Woman - Part 33/15/2013  0  
Memphis couples for bisexualsAdding a third....3/10/2013  2  
Kitten's RefugeBusiness Trip (short story)2/5/2013  3  
Cloud NineOne of my favorite stories I thought I would share with you Voice hugsss1/23/2013  2  
Men in womens PantiesCum and Panties1/20/2013  4  
Utica areaUtica area silky c/d1/1/2013  3  
men in panties ?Panty group in Lebanon NH12/27/2012  1  
What's U.P.?The twelve sexy toys of XXX-mas12/19/2012  1  
Daddy's Girls! (AGE Friendly)Short story 212/16/2012  2  
Kitten's RefugeThe New Guy At Work - another short story11/16/2012  7  
Gettin' Head in MadisonSmooth, silky, Semen:11/10/2012  2  
La Vida LocaI have noticed...11/7/2012  7  
Kitten's RefugeUnder Her Control - another short story11/3/2012  6  
The Valley Of RoyalQUESTION....DO YOU MASTERBATE AFTER10/20/2012  10  
Cloud NineIt Started With A Dance10/5/2012  4  
men wearing pantiesWearing Panties Feels So Good10/5/2012  6  
T lovers and friends.terms of fashion!9/29/2012  2  
Cloud NineThe Cabin with a twist to this story .. my fantasy !9/23/2012  4  
Kitten's RefugeThe Cabin story with a twist9/22/2012  9  
The gRAPE VineThe Merger: Part 1 - Late night9/21/2012  5  
Cloud NineA Moonlight Dream9/9/2012  4  
T lovers and friends.Bizarre Dreams I: Tits!9/5/2012  2  
Cloud NineI Choose Burgandy8/28/2012  6  
Cloud NineAfternoon Suprise8/28/2012  3  
Pandora's BoxWhat makes you feel sexy?8/28/2012  7  
Asian Clubsilky hair8/26/2012  0  
FUCK ME HARDERmy latest dream...8/12/2012  4  
JO and more SW OHAnyone interested in Dress-up Play?8/11/2012  3  
CD/TS/TV/TGCrossdresser seeking crossdresser8/7/2012  5  
Men in Lingerieanyone a lover of 50's lingerie8/6/2012  0  
legs & feetphose Sunday8/6/2012  0  
T lovers and friends.Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained8/4/2012  5  
DALLAS INTER-RACIAL SEXYour black cock my white mouth7/28/2012  1  
couples looking for funLooking for a mom and dad7/25/2012  0  
Rough Sex Group and Nasty PlaySo hot7/14/2012  1  
Married but not deadWell Silky6/11/2012  0  
Dirty-Dirty Bad-BadWhat image arouses you?5/18/2012  13  
Cloud NineWelcome Home5/17/2012  4  
Daddy's Girls! (AGE Friendly)Welcome Home5/17/2012  7  
the naked PlayroomStory: Last Night with Raquelle5/11/2012  1  
Want a Sex in Kolkataany sexy female/ladies wanna cam 2 cam or need secret sex affair4/22/2012  0  
erotic storylandDancing Moonlight4/20/2012  0  
Daddy's Girls! (AGE Friendly)The night she will never forget4/18/2012  5  
BBW and the men who want us!!!Shave or not to Shave4/9/2012  2  
Asian Lovers In NoValooking for Asian women looking for men in The Burg4/9/2012  1  
T lovers and friends.I want to have fun4/3/2012  2  
Reluctant and Rough Role PlayThe Jogger's Boss Part 24/1/2012  1  
T lovers and friends.Your Mother's clothes3/30/2012  9  
The Valley Of RoyalDungeon Delights - Part 33/22/2012  0  
The Valley Of RoyalDungeon Delights Part 13/22/2012  4  
Men in womens PantiesAny NJ/NY/PA Pantyboys wanna play?3/8/2012  2  
TheBestOfTheRestTie me up Feb. 11th2/7/2012  0  
Bismarcks sexually activeTie me up and blindfold me Feb 11th2/7/2012  1  
Minn-dak_swingersTie me up Blindfold me Feb 11th2/7/2012  0  
Dakota Real Swingers NetworkFeb 11th Calling all Cupids for the Crows Nest2/7/2012  2  
T lovers and friends.silky things2/6/2012  5  
NC'S FINEST BLACK CHOCOLATElooking for bi-female2/5/2012  0  
Cloud NineThe night she will remember1/25/2012  5  
wife sharingGARTERS AND LACE JANUARY 28TH1/17/2012  0  
horny housewives who want itGARTERS AND LACE JANUARY 28TH1/17/2012  1  
Standard Members Unite!GARTERS AND LACE JANUARY 28TH1/17/2012  1  
Spokane Young and FunGARTERS AND LACE JANUARY 28TH1/17/2012  0  
Spokane House Parties & OrgiesGARTERS AND LACE JANUARY 28TH1/17/2012  0  
Spokane Gang BangGARTERS AND LACE JANUARY 28TH1/17/2012  2  
Spokane E Wa Orgies/Group SexGARTERS AND LACE JANUARY 28TH1/17/2012  3  
Post Falls/ CDA casual sexGARTERS AND LACE JANUARY 28TH1/17/2012  2  
Moscow/Pullman area friendsGARTERS AND LACE JANUARY 28TH1/17/2012  2  
Married & Looking For More SexGARTERS AND LACE JANUARY 28TH1/17/2012  0  
Elicit UndergroundGARTERS AND LACE FEBRUARY 28TH1/17/2012  1  
East Idaho GroupGARTERS AND LACE JANUARY 28TH1/17/2012  0  
Boise Area Swing & SwapGARTERS AND LACE JANUARY 28TH1/17/2012  1  
Bi-curios women for couplesGARTERS AND LACE FEBRUARY 28TH1/17/2012  1  
3somes, 4somes and moresomesGARTERS AND LACE FEBRUARY 28TH1/17/2012  3  
Filthy FictionGirl's Funtime Alone1/16/2012  0  
Daddy's Girls! (AGE Friendly)Her Older Neighbor (story)12/31/2011  5  
Reluctant and Rough Role PlayNeed it bad !12/27/2011  0  
Minnesota GroupWhat r your Turn Ons12/17/2011  1  
LYNN"S LAIR"Dreamin Beanie"11/29/2011  2  
Phat Kitty RanchWhat is Sexy to you?11/19/2011  13  
women that want bareback sexNew in Devon, England11/15/2011  0  
Feminization in North DallasMy first cock pt.111/6/2011  0  
Erotic StoriesA Fantasy my wife gets wet hearing11/6/2011  1  
Midwest ConnectionsNew to the group and a little piece of erotic writing11/6/2011  0  
~THE CAMPFIRE~OOPS!!!11/2/2011  6  
hampshire fantasy fun!this summer our fantasy came true10/25/2011  0  
Outdoor/ Pubic Sexfantasy came true for us10/25/2011  0  
Pandora's Boxthis summer fantasy came true for us10/24/2011  4  
Swinging Cheshireit came tre for us10/24/2011  0  
outdoor fun :)it came true for us10/24/2011  0  
any girls up for fisting? AKLi LOVE to b fisted!!10/21/2011  3  
Share Your FantasyDown the Road10/19/2011  0  
erotic storylandDown the Road10/19/2011  0  
Alturas areaFond memories9/21/2011  0  
Diversi-'T'sWhat Happens?9/15/2011  10  
REAL WHITE LADIES 4 BBCI'm looking for some silky white pussy in New Bedford Mass.9/11/2011  0  
Crossdress for Sexgroup needs some life9/10/2011  0  
Panty/Lingerie Wearing MenWhat type panties do you enjoy wearing most8/28/2011  1  
BBW in the NorthWest!looking for a fun lady to play with during the late evenings.8/25/2011  0  
Cunnilingus for Toronto WomenToronto: Lovers of of nice BUSH?8/19/2011  3  
Looking for Bi males!married bi sexual cross dresser looking8/17/2011  6  
TGirls Transvestite & AdmiresI want a dady type guy8/16/2011  10  
Bi Married GuysHere I'm looking for a regular guy :)8/16/2011  8  
The Valley Of RoyalSAUCY JILL's INBOX....the airport lounge8/14/2011  5  
Very Hariy PussyTORONTO Canada......anyone?8/3/2011  1  
CD's Looking For Men in RenoI love to play with CD's7/31/2011  4  
CD's Looking For Men in RenoI love to play with CD's7/31/2011  0  
Lingerie loversLingerie Addict7/29/2011  0  
Daddy's Girls! (AGE Friendly)From Slut to Goddess: The Transformation of Jill - Chapters 5 and 67/18/2011  1  
The Valley Of RoyalFrom Slut to Goddess: The Transformation of Jil - Chapters 5 and 67/18/2011  2  
Voyeurism and more in NJturn around is fair play7/14/2011  1  
SW MN Mens ClubRecent fun7/11/2011  0  
EROTIC ECSTACYWhy I Love Older Women7/8/2011  4  
Albany TS/TV/TG & AdmirersUtica area silkyc/d7/5/2011  1  
Naughty tgirlsAnyone here interested or are deeply interested in hot, sexy, Tgirl's feet n hot polished toes?7/3/2011  4  
The Valley Of RoyalSaturday Afternoon Delight7/2/2011  7  
Bisexual-CNYUtica area silky c/d that loves to please7/2/2011  4  
Utica areaconfused sincere clean person6/26/2011  2  
EROTIC ECSTACYSilver back after a long absence6/16/2011  4  
Bangali hottiesA very HORNY Lady6/16/2011  2  
give and takeA very HORNY Lady6/16/2011  1  
Diversi-'T'sCocks that Rock and the Scent of Men...6/16/2011  20  
EROTIC ECSTACYStrawberry Fields Forever6/15/2011  6  
Reluctant and Rough Role PlayTired of the car accident storyline yet? chuckles. a new part yet again...6/7/2011  2  
Women and couples 4 bi singlesDoes wearing lingerie make me a sissy?6/7/2011  27  
Lafayette A. F. F. GroupWould you partake in a Gang Bang6/6/2011  15  
Daddy's Girls! (AGE Friendly)Phone Amore5/18/2011  4  
Daddy's Girls! (AGE Friendly)The Little Black Dress5/15/2011  3  
The Poetry PlaceSonnets5/14/2011  1  
Another RoomDate gone..wild.!4/27/2011  3  
Another RoomTaken ....................Pt 14/26/2011  3  
BBW Pussy Lickingany bbw that wear silky style panties in the olympia wa area?4/26/2011  2  
Idaho Swingers R Us.A few of my favorite things....4/6/2011  5  
Daddy's Girls! (AGE Friendly)Snowfall: An Erotic Story4/1/2011  7  
Olympia sluts4men to uselicking for sum fun3/31/2011  0  
Younger men, mature womensilky smooth mature woman 60 plus. let us younger men 50 and lower catch you3/27/2011  0  
erotic storylandA Simple Dare - An Erotic Quest - Part One3/26/2011  1  
Bi guys looking to suck cockSilky Smooth3/24/2011  3  
Married Searching For LoversGardening 101: Bush Trimming3/20/2011  6  
Men in lingerie\nightiesPanties form Union3/15/2011  3  
Men in womens PantiesPanties form Union3/15/2011  0  
Men in lingerie\nightiesPanties form Union3/15/2011  3  
Wife watchersYounger man3/1/2011  5  
CD AND TV/TS LOVERS WANTED#52/15/2011  4  
panty loverspanties2/13/2011  0  
Nasty talkLeaving Starbucks2/4/2011  1  
Small cocks in tight pantsHow do you like your pants2/2/2011  0  
Elicit Underground1/28 - WOTD1/28/2011  3  
Mormons Needing MoreDesk Ornament...erotic fantasy1/24/2011  5  
Elicit UndergroundTaking it all off1/23/2011  11  
MAN 2 MAN Tranny and Wife Assaulted! Home Invasion1/23/2011  3  
EROTIC ECSTACYUnderwear or no-underwear?1/22/2011  26  
Men in womens PantiesCum soaked panties1/19/2011  6  
Indy Sex FreaksOral Sex Tips1/19/2011  13  
EXPRESSION UNLIMITEDsilkynsatin1/16/2011  4  
EXPRESSION UNLIMITEDHow to get back into your account here if you lose your password1/12/2011  3  
black women and white men.insatiable1/8/2011  0  
White men who love Black CocksHow i became a black cock lover.1/8/2011  3  
Portland Adult Theater SexDr Emilio Lizardo's Journal of Adult Theaters1/2/2011  0  
Oral Sexto shave or not to1/1/2011  1  
Bi M & W For Threesomes & MoreBi Men/Women for a GB in January12/24/2010  0  
EROTIC ECSTACYMy Sissy Boyfriend12/21/2010  11  
kootenay swingersChokers and scarves12/12/2010  0  
MASTURBATION WATCHERSmasterbation in car naked wearing pantys12/10/2010  0  
Men watching horny Girls camSaw a wonderful cam tonight!!12/7/2010  1  
Fun Friends, Pattaya ThailandLet's Eat !11/5/2010  2  
Rough Sex Group and Nasty PlayWhat is Big11/2/2010  8  
EROTIC ECSTACYCatch Me If You can10/27/2010  10  
CD AND TV/TS LOVERS WANTED#410/25/2010  2  
Flame's Friends of BDSMWill She Ever Learn?10/17/2010  0  
Flame's Friends of BDSMNaughty Again????10/17/2010  0  
Rough Sex Group and Nasty Playrun for help10/12/2010  0  
White BBW's & Blk MenHair or not to hair10/2/2010  7  
Rough Sex Group and Nasty PlayAssholes come in all Sizes9/26/2010  6  
WE LOVE INTERRACIAL SEXNew to the group9/26/2010  0  
Lafayette A. F. F. GroupHello friends9/18/2010  4  
Scots Corner((( UNDIES )))9/18/2010  7  
Tyler Area Friends & PlaymatesMy Ex says I'm a Sex Addict !9/14/2010  6  
OCEAN'S TEASE & CUM FUCK ROOMMy Night With Ocean :-) {an Ocean approved story}9/9/2010  4  
OCEAN'S TEASE & CUM FUCK ROOMMile High Club9/8/2010  6  
Bi-sexual in BCHorny drossdresser looking for CD9/1/2010  0  
Rough Sex Group and Nasty Playin public..Part28/31/2010  0  
Daddy's Girls! (AGE Friendly)Eating IN (sequel to Eating Out story)8/29/2010  1  
Men Stroking on Cam 4 Womenputting fantasy to rest8/26/2010  0  
BBW Admirers, LoversA B C's of ME8/24/2010  2  
Lets have fun in Montreal !!!A B C's of Me8/24/2010  9  
EROTIC ECSTACYReturn Call (Interview pt2)8/23/2010  6  
"Rock My Fucking World (RMFW)"Heels this is the bedtime story I was going to leave as a momento. Enjoy!!!!8/22/2010  4  
Daddy's Girls! (AGE Friendly)The Storm...a story8/21/2010  4  
Oral in the 'ha for the ladiesTips and suggestions8/16/2010  0  
SavannaBi Ladies/Bi Guys TV/TSBi Meets8/15/2010  0  
Daddy's Girls! (AGE Friendly)Daddy's Pussy8/14/2010  2  
Daddy's Girls! (AGE Friendly)Daughter's Wedding Day8/13/2010  1  
EROTIC ECSTACYRight Before Your Eyes by Gentlemusings8/10/2010  13  
Daddy's Girls! (AGE Friendly)Pillow Fight!8/5/2010  4  
"Beyond Caligula"Mod of the Month Campaign Launch8/3/2010  10  
Elicit Undergroundwhy not make fantasy reality8/2/2010  0  
Daddy's Girls! (AGE Friendly)Daughter's 18th Birthday7/31/2010  3  
Daddy's Girls! (AGE Friendly)Daddy & Mommy teach daughter part 37/19/2010  0  
"Beyond Caligula"Typical Fantasy7/18/2010  4  
The Sheep Appreciation Societyslut red...7/11/2010  12  
MASSAGES GIVE and RECEIVEuniforms7/9/2010  0  
Shaved Cock ClubW NC iso SMOOTHIES7/6/2010  0  
EROTIC ECSTACYRitual at Dusk (erotica challenge #3)6/28/2010  5  
BiMen in Kent/Akron areapanty lover looking 4 new friends6/26/2010  13  
Vegas Chat Room Groupcrotchless stockings6/26/2010  8  
Bi Malesshave or not6/13/2010  0  
Who Loves to Watch YouOK BAD6/9/2010  1  
T. - G.I.R.L.S.To be of service to her guests...5/30/2010  2  
Real meeting for sexthe very first cock hooked me5/28/2010  1  
bi men of eastern IdahoPanties5/25/2010  5  
OCEAN'S TEASE & CUM FUCK ROOMSorry folks anopther poem5/23/2010  2  
Naughty tgirlsQuestion of Masturbation5/17/2010  5  
T. - G.I.R.L.S.A question of masturbation5/17/2010  2  
3 is companyshave or not to shave...5/10/2010  0  
Naughty at Work?My first office fun5/9/2010  0  
"Beyond Caligula"Lover's Dance of Surrender5/3/2010  3  
"Beyond Caligula"I wanna be your dream gal...5/2/2010  6  
Miami Dade Countygay4 str8t/bi men4/30/2010  0  
"Beyond Caligula"Palace Heated Surrender4/28/2010  9  
TGirl Relationships & RomanceRomance between two t-girls4/24/2010  3  
Bi-curious types in AthensLooking near Belpre Ohio4/10/2010  2  
Bi-curious types in AthensLooking near Belpre Ohio4/10/2010  0  
IWPSSUNDIES.......?????3/25/2010  8  
South Central Oklahoma GroupPleasures of the Flesh3/24/2010  1  
Scotlands Secret LiaisonsHunni's sports massage3/18/2010  6  
EROTIC ECSTACYIts time to share final copy (includes part 2)3/18/2010  3